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a young person still in the throes of adolescence. For decades, trans-ness was sometimes tolerated in adults as a last-ditch outcome, but in young people it was more often seen as something to be drummed out rather than explored or accepted. In vast swaths of the United States, kids coming out as trans are much more likely to be met with hostility than with enhanced social status or recognition, and their parents are more likely to lack the willingnessor the resourcesto find them care. The American Psychological Associations guidelines sound a similar note, explaining the benefits of hormones but also noting that adolescents can become intensely focused on their immediate desires. This article appears in the July/August 2018 print edition with the headline Your Child cheapoair student discount Says Shes Trans. A wave of gender-identity experimentation hit her social circle in 2013.

Along the way, a heartbreaking number of trans and gender-nonconforming teens will be bullied and ostracized and will even end their own lives. They post it on social media. Scott Leibowitz, a psychiatrist who treats children and adolescents in Columbus, Ohio, is a proponent of comprehensive assessments for young people seeking to transition. And the advent of the internet has allowed teenagers, even ones in parts of the country where acceptance of gender nonconformity continues to come far too slowly, to find others like them. Those of us who have never suffered from gender dysphoria can have a hard time appreciating whats at stake. Such therapy is now viewed as unethical.